ZAZULYA Alexander Nikolaevich — Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher of FGBNU VNIITiN

Born on 8 December 1952. Graduated Penza agricultural Institute in 1975 on specialty of agricultural production processes mechanization.

March 1980 to March 1984 – attended postgraduate studies at the all-Union Institute of mechanization (VIM), Moscow, defending his thesis in December 1984 on specialty 05.20.01 – agricultural production.

Worked as senior researcher and head of laboratory from October 1985. From 1993 to February 2009 acted as a Deputy Director of the Institute for science. From March 2009 to present is a Director of the Institute. Doctor of technical Sciences Since 1998  (05.20.01 and 05.20.03).

From April 2000 to 31 March 2003 Alexander Nikolayevich had been awarded the state scientific scholarship for scientists of Russia in the field of mechanics and mechanical engineering (by resolution of the RAS Presidium as of 11 April 2000 №77).

In 2013 Alexander was awarded the academic title of Professor. He has published 208 research papers, of those 27 are monograph sand 28 are authorship certificates and patents.

Main scientific subjects of interest: theoretical basis for machine technology development in cultivation and harvesting of sugarbeet with minimization of manual labour; scientific rationalization of effective solutions which in crease machinery use in agro field; creation of import-substituting innovative technologies for biodiesel production using lipids of microalgae and vegetable oils.

Zazulya A.N. is a lecturer and head of «Agroengineering» Department in Tambov Technological university. He manages graduates, masters, graduate students and sits in dissertations defense councils reviewing diplomas and Ph.D. works).

Zazulya A.N. — Member of the editorial board of the journals «Engineering in Agriculture», «Rural Mechanizer», «Issues of Modern Science and Practice. The University of V.I. Vernadsky», Scientific Review, editor in chief of the journal Science in Central Russia, member of the Scientific Council of the Section for Mechanization, Electrification and Automation of the Branch of Agricultural Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, deputy chairman of the Dissertation Council of the DM 220.041.03 in the FGBOU VO «Michurinsky State Agrarian University and a member  dissertational council D 220.053.02 on the basis of FGBOU V Penza GAU.