The journal was founded in 2012; it is issued 6 times a year.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed scientific articles of problem and scientific-practical nature, which are the results of completed studies, which are novel and of interest to a wide range of readers of the journal.

The main topics of the journal are:

Agroengineering system Machines and Processes; Agro-innovative Technologies in Livestock and Crop Production; Efficient Use of Petroleum Products, Alternative Energy Sources; Domestic and Foreign Agricultural Machinery.

Processes and machinery of agroengineering systems, agro-industrial innovative technologies in livestock and crop production, efficient use of domestic and foreign agricultural machinery.

Scientific articles, covering various branches of knowledge, that arepublished in the journal by postgraduate students, applicants, doctoral students and scientists are examined and approved for publishing by leading experts of FGBNU VNIITiN.

The journal admits experimental, theoretical and topical articles describing results of fundamental and applied research within agricultural Industry andis specialised in the following fields of science:

05.20.00 – Agro-engineering Systems Processes and Machines

06.01.00 – Agronomy

06.02.00 – Veterinary & Zootechnical Science

The journal «Science in Central Russia« has an international number ISSN 2305-2538.

The journal is indexed in RICC